Shamanic Incandescence

Haute Couture Collection
Spring/Summer 2006

Presented on Tuesday January 24th at 10.30 a.m.,
Hôtel Westin, salon Chopard, rue de Castiglione, Paris.

Naked skin, painted body, traces of white dots, black arabesques, cloths steeped in creative spontaneity, a kind of automatic writing, a trance, a dance in which the soul gives rhythm. Incandescent and radiant bodies. To breathe out, to breathe life into things, to create clothes like love potions that would both care for happiness and cure the individual.

The clothes are sophisticated: a sequined and beaded tunic or cloak, a fringed black dress, the neckline hemmed with necklace-like fetishes, a transparent black lace sleeveless dress decorated with jay pearls, an entirely respangled short lilac dress, jeans bottoms covered with threads, or a long coat made
of patchwork lace, coloured and embroidered with spangles and apparent seams, the beaded tunic of a Hindu goddess, a voile blouse, a long white double-breasted coat on which I freehanded lace patterns, feathers and talismans.
The girls wear hybrid shoes in which the foot is half-covered.

The hair is tied back in very long plaits, like creepers wrapping around them.
The hats are of spangled washed lamb leather, or lace and cloth patchwork on felt, decorated with wild feathers.

Casting by Fred Sathal, light by Thierry Dervaux, music by Benoît Carles and David.K, hair and make-up by Jabe, body painting by Carlito Dalceggio, hats and shoes FS, graphic design and photograph on invitation cards by Isabelle Daëron.

Cette collection donne lieu à une série de dix cartes postales où je me mets en scène sous l'ojectif de Patricia Giudicelli, près d'Aubagne sur le territoire de “Manon des sources”.

Une robe Chamane, rentre dans le fonds de la fondation “Chopard”, deux pièces sont acquises par le Musée de la Mode de Marseille.

Photos : Patricia Giudicelli, Fred Sathal, Olivier Claisse.

Incandescence Chamanique