Wild Inconstancy
Haute Couture Collection
Autumn/Winter 2002/2003

Presented on Thursday, July 11th at 2.30 p.m. in the Salon Impérial, Hôtel Continental, Paris.

I am a ‘guest member’ in the official calendar of the French Federation of Haute Couture.

The story is about a glamorous nomadic spirit, a luxury traveller.
A collection with skilfully torn clothes, new cut-outs, and bright and contrasted omnipresent embroideries. I imagined this work under the influence of cultural blends, mixing and superposing a whole range of ways of dressing, needle ornamentation techniques, asymmetric equilibriums, highly luxurious materials such as fur, cashmere, lace, very smooth and matt washed lamb leather, silks declined as taffeta, cloth, crepe and jersey. the silhouettes are topped with felt hats with ‘shooting star’, ‘scale’ and ‘scar’ embroidering, the hands are adorned with kid-gloves stitched with spangles, sequins and loose threads, showing a kind of chic and surprising animality.

The wardrobe is composed of a She-wolf coat made of white mink and fox (Saga Royal); a faded dark purple sheath dress, screwed and circularly cut; a Geisha dress made of a puzzle of vintage silk headscarves; a ‘Vegetal Moss’ dress of wool lace; a sand-coloured cotton cloth Overcoat with shell-like yokes of ‘scale’ spangles; an Amerindian Poncho made of imitation leather silk jersey adorned with a stream of arabesque motifs; a Gorilla dress made of an off-the-shoulder top, embroidered with huge sequins, and fox sleeves (Saga Royal); a black lace Andalusian dress with asymmetric tails, hemstitched and embroidered with multicoloured spangle garlands.
The shoes are vintage, reworked and embroidered.

Casting by Sophie Demarcq, coordination by Franck Nasso, music by Varoslav, hair by Laurent Philippon, make-up by Tracey Gray, jewels by Jonas, gauze and metal plait accessories by Simon Azoulay, hats and shoes by Fred Sathal.

Cinq silhouettes entrent au Musée de la Mode de Marseille.

Photos : DR, Manu & Camillo, Arnaud Pyvka, Olivier Claisse, Kasia Wandycz.

Volage sauvage