Botanical Verigo / Yo Be Gipsy

Haute Couture Collection
Spring/Summer 2005

Presented, in the Palais de Tokyo programming, from January 18th to January 23rd, as an open scene (performance).
Installation, under the great stairs, of my gipsy hut housing clothes, accessories and work in progress (Haute Couture exhibited).

The fashion show is in the Hôtel Intercontinental, Salon Concorde, on January 26th at 7 p.m., Paris.

I tell the Gipsy, Romany, Manouche, and Tzigane world, as a botanical notebook where the flower, once put out of time, is given back its eternal beauty. The vegetable element climbs up the body, comes up, pierces, makes holes, tattoos. The skin is one with the fabrics, the cloth blends in and mixes with the flesh, it is upside down. An explosion of colours and materials, abundance, the deep expression of my desire for freedom.

A reflection on moving, mobility, wandering and time.
A story full of poetry, a hymn to nature.

Casting by Fred Sathal, lights by Thierry Dervaux, Benoît Carles composed a patchwork music tracing back the Gipsy sound worlds from India to Europe, hair by Laurent Philippon, make-up by Jabe, high jewellery by Maison Chopard, Simon Azoulay makes a wedding dress with a stream of mother of pearl/white pearls, hats and shoes by Fred Sathal.

A black lace dress embroidered with ‘blood-red’ sequins enters the Chopard Foundation.

A series of ten postcards in which I stage myself for Patricia Giudicelli’s camera in Beauduc in Camargue.

Photos ; Patricia Giudicelli, Fred Sathal, Olivier Claisse.