Ephemereal Incarnation

Réunion Island FRAC
Invited to create a work or an exhibition by the director of the FRAC Marcel Tavé

First trip in March / April 1997. End of the work and publishing of a travel book at the end of 1998. D’Autres Terres en Vue Editions. After three trips, I decide to draw inspiration from encounters and displacement for my clothes. I photograph certain garments displayed on posts, trees, sand, stones, volcanoes. A desire to be a witness and to help discover the natures of the island, through this book.
This reflection is about the population as well. Short trips all over the place lead to unexpected and beautiful encounters.

People are invited to pose and become one with the clothes and the accessories. Thus is created a fragile, unpremeditated, instinctive, poetic testimony taking into account the places people live in, the fashion codes, the ethnic groups, all this without pretension.
A realistic and spontaneous overview.

Photographs made with a Polaroïd. The book is shown within the Réunion Island FRAC as well as in Mauritius, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Photos Fred Sathal

Incarnation Éphémère