Autumn/Winter 1997/1998 Collection

Show in the Académie d’Architecture, place des Vosges
March 17th 1997 at 1.30 p.m.

Night birds, a dark atmosphere.

A collection designed with a gothic feeling Eighteen girls, diaphanous skins, the eyes outlined with black, nails/claws, sculptures/hair.

Very sharp-pointed boots, like the beaks of dangerous birds.

Platform clogs match the silhouettes, emphasising the animality and the strangeness of the characters through outgrowths of cock feathers in tuft.

A large coat made of wool cloth and taffetas, with an emperor collar; red-brown, brown, yellow and blue pigments. Splinters of black spangles.

Dark patchwork corset. Skirt with an asymmetrical waist.

Casting by Maïda, music by Eric Pajot, hair by Barnabé, make-up by Carole Lasnier, jewels by Agathe Saint Girons and Erik Halley, coats of mail by Simon Azoulay, boots by Karine Bonneval, embroidered clogs by Fred Sathal.

Three silhouettes are bought by the FNAC (Fonds National d’Art Contemporain) in Puteaux.

Photos : Huma Rosentalski, DR.

Appel d’Air