photo Pierre Gayte

Fred Sathal

Fred Sathal was born and raised in Marseille. Her work as a visual artist-designer-performer embodies in various identities under which she officiates for haute couture, the performing arts, and contemporary art by creating unique pieces.

The creation of Fred Sathal's clothing is part of a vast process: from the genesis of a collection based on a theme to its setting in images or movement by runway shows, her inspiration goes through travel, writing, encounters, collection and transformation of materials. Scenarizing her work through stories she directs, Fred Sathal often associates a variety of artistic collaborations.

Faithful to the principle of cutting in one piece, she rethinks the contemporary costume and transports it to a becoming that she hears as organic and mineral. In the field of textile creation, her work, centered on matter, gave birth to a vocabulary and grammar composing the structure and ornamentation of Sathal creations. Steam dyeing, needle stitch embroidery of "shooting star" or "scar" stitches, superimposed fabrics, silkscreened, "flake" sequins, volume applications of sequins, pearl cotton cords and yarns embroidery left free on the fabric make the finish of the garment as perfect outside as inside ...

Fred Sathal, through her off-the-beaten path and her unique signature, has created an extraordinary fashion, offering a poetic and committed vision of the world today.

« I cut, dye, embroider, customize, photograph and put on stage a primitive, natural, dreamlike, poetic, ritual approach ».

Un livre Monographique en 2009 « SATHAL CREATURES » éditions Images en manœuvres, retrace ces 20 ans de création protéiforme.

"Unique pieces. Unseen combinations. Compositions enhanced through a wole range of processes, handled with so much care, conceived in a base of so many expressive intentions.

Every single garment is a vast field of experimentation, and only a meticulous observation would be appropriate to understand it.

The same way an archeologist would deconstruct strata, the different stages, the successive operations: pigments, dips, chemical reactions, materials dissected, slashed, processed, superimposed, recycled, reembroidered, modes of assemblage, sewings, stitchings, ligatures, but also accidents, incidents, deletions...

It goes the same with the temporal dimension, so specific in Sathal’s creations. The essential aspect has nothing to do with the number of hours spent to create 

a piece, something so fascinating among the artworks connoisseurs usually possess. On the contrary, the notion of time focuses on the elastic duration of an exchange, an intimate dialogue with randomness: its high points, its silences, digressions, slip-ups, resumptions.

There is no doubt that the decisive moments are to be found in these intangible time rifts. A path of disorder, savagery and annihilation.

Attempts to step aside from what is static, frozen, common, predictable, inevitable, satisfying.

The movement as desobedient, as a shift.

Between Sathal’s hands, colours and needles become tools to manipulate the world, to touch it closely, to reach it directly.

Drippings, hatchings, textures, shinings, beams of light, punctiform and vibrating brilliances, kinetic art, mobile reliefs. A beautiful battlefield.

Emergence of a magic garment, the cloth of the soul. The revival of a primitive energy, a shelter for the body."

Lydia Kamitsis