A Magician's Wardrobe

From 1989 to 1992 I settled with sculptor Hartmut Bosbach in a huge bare space on the Digue du Grand Large on the Port Authority of Marseilles.

Here was developed the fundamental poetic power of my vocabulary with only one thing in my mind, the desire to draw inspiration from nature, to commune with the Mineral, the Vegetable, the Animal, and the Cosmic.
A kind of osmosis and imitation leading to magnetic items.

In this studio overlooking the sea, the walls are washed-out, rusted, eroded by salt and the natural elements are everywhere.

It’s a time when I salvage fabrics, braids, thick cotton threads, wool plies, feathers, hair, dye capsules, raffia, bits of branches, dried seaweed, shoes, trimmings and all kinds of left-over materials.
From this street, nature and bin treasure my first creations were born, as well as the will to offer new versions of things, to repair and upgrade what is old and broken.

I experiment with dye by using it on dry or wet fabrics.

I explore the idea of wear and washing out.

I start needlework and ornamentation techniques.
I invent a whole magician’s wardrobe with hats, clothes, accessories, shoes, objects.

The clothes are designed and made in one piece according to Geneviève Sevin-Doering’s principle of cut.

Garde-Robe de Magicienne