A Frivolous Wanderer
Haute Couture Collection
Spring/summer 2002

Presented on Saturday January 19th at 3.30 p.m., Hôtel de Sully, Centre des monuments nationaux, Paris.

I am a ‘guest member’ in the official calendar of the French Federation of Haute Couture.

A collection inspired by Street Couture. I appropriate the language of graffiti artists to draw patterns that look like ‘scale-like’ embroidered signatures. The logos of leading sports brands are turned into patch-like applications, thus revisiting their graphic universe and appropriating their punchy slogans such as ‘Life is Short, Play Hard’, ‘Just Do it’ - ad infinitum.

Also, a large poncho composed of scarves, a ‘Ganesha’ dress made of bright yellow washed lamb leather, faded jeans cut into Bermuda shorts and covered with golden and white spangles, pant-suit made of black silk taffeta lined with white threads like a work in progress, plum-coloured silk jersey dress embroidered with hearts, black dresses made of two layers of jersey and fringed with tied silk threads. Flashy-coloured (pink, green, blue, yellow) high-heeled sandals.

The music is a flow of rappers, ‘Fuck the V.I.P.’ by Cormega.

Casting by Sophie Demarcq, coordinated by Franck Nasso, music by Kay One, hair by Laurent Philippon, make-up by Tracey Gray, hats and sandals by Fred Sathal, photograph on invitation cards by Michael Woolley.