Nomads' Lands
Autumn/Winter 1995/1996

Illuminated lands, future legends, and infinite circles.

In the Trianon, boulevard Rochechouart, Paris, on Wednesday March 15th at 6.15 p.m.

A collection about moving, wandering, a planet on the move, miscegenation, people interacting.
Medieval influence.

It is also a dream, a crossing of times and eras. Women with faces coloured by earth and sun. Tanned skins, pierced with metal items, very dry, very matt, unkempt and extremely long hair, most of the time tied up into ponytails falling below the waist. High-heeled (12cm), metallic Louis XV ankle boots quilted with dyed silk.

Hoods with a silkscreen printed plane-tree leave showing changing-coloured veins: red, green, blue, spangled.

Re-cut salvaged virgin wool jumpers to which ribbed wool cuffs have been added. Diamond-shaped patches on the elbows. ‘Blade sleeve’ dresses. Narrow backs and V-necks. No shoulder seams. Very tight cuffs. A line emphasises the elbow and knee joints. Different-coloured pigments on satin and silk crepe: blue, turquoise, orange, pale yellow, aqua green, darkened by tonalities of black, night-blue, bronze and charcoal grey.

Casting by Maïda, music by Warrio, lights by Thierry Dreyfus, hair by Barnabé, make-up by Topolino, jewels by Agathe Saint Girons, shoes by Cyd Jouny with dyed materials by Fred Sathal.

Three silhouettes enter the collections of the Musée Galliera, Paris.

Nomades Land

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