Rare Species
Haute Couture Collection
Spring/summer 2000

Presented on January 18th at 7 p.m. in the Grand Hôtel, place de l’Opéra, in Paris.
I am a ‘guest member’ in the official calendar of the French Federation of Haute Couture for the first time.

At first, matt and multi-coloured sheens. Ephemeral apparitions in circles − All almost the same, settled on a circle of light.
A kind of membrane, opaque and fluid, like being in deep water.
The body detached from the ground.
Neon-coloured lace Amazon Princesses. Vegetable waves with chins of writing
A metal comet goes through faces with tribal markings on them.
The bride, in the Milky Way, closes her eyes on it. The creations are reversible. A show in two phases: first inside out, then the right side, for the ‘soiree’ part, when the garment becomes light. Entirely hand-made embroideries, smocking, rolled up materials, pleats. Unexpected equilibriums, the skin is part of the making of the garment. Bare feet.

Casting by Giannie Couji and Philippe Elkoubi, chore-scenography by Michel Kéléménis, Gilda turns up the volume, Jean-Claude Gallon creates dark, bushy, smart and vegetable shocks of hair, Topolino presents natural skins tattooed with blue, green, purple, silver and golden spangles, ‘pierced nose Comets’ jewels by Agathe Saint Girons, coats of mail by Simon Azoulay.

L’Officiel stages a XXL posting in the Paris underground. My work is presented in the ‘Arts et Métiers’ station.