Collection Couture
Spring/Summer, Autumn/Winter 2009

Designed over a period of two years.
Presented in the Musée de la Mode de Marseille from May 14th to October 31st 2009

In the beginning was a trip to Rajasthan in 2007, more particularly to Udaipur where I settled myself, a view over the lake, a terrace on the roof, each day dedicated to the designing of a ‘Bigbang notebook of magic spells’, where I let my hand go and be renewed and my imagination flow like pouring liquid. Once more, the title is obvious, means original desire, black hole, space-time continuum, tidal current, galaxies, strips of materials, welkin, expanded and not static world, gravitational waves, dream landscapes. Black, explosion, unfinished presences, scattering, division, the elements get nearer one another, look for one another, mate, white. The illusion of a butterfly, a rock, a beast, a fear, a tree.

Experimental comes from experience, in the time of designing and making. Art protects. Then Africa, Namibia, I give two workshops (in 2007 and 2008) for about forty students, dealing with how to cut a pattern or material. I move on this territory with this gut feeling, both physical and metaphysical, of the birthplace of humanity. I continue to design items of clothing and to compose the notebook.

The wardrobe is constituted of favourite materials, such as cashmere, jerseys, lace, silks, fur, cotton threads, spangles and sequins for decorations that look like a nebula, a cosmic storm, a solar gale, a black hole. This quest for origins carries me and makes me use linen and hemp, a fundamental material, from which I draw new visions and shapes.

I design the ‘Golden Begonia’, a pattern embroidered with gold thread.
I go to Denmark to design a ‘Blue Fox’ jacket for the ‘Saga Furs’ Foundation.

Soundtrack of the exhibition in the Musée de la Mode de Marseille by Benoît Carles.