Genetical Instincts
Spring/Summer 1998

October 15th 1997 at 9.30 p.m., Galerie Paradis, Paris Xe
This show will be presented in Osaka, Tokyo and New York.

The collection refers to genetics and instinct. The revelation occurred during a trip to Zimbabwe.
The energy of the African continent started this reflection upon the original, family and ancestral memories.

I compose silhouettes in silk jerseys with mineral and animal dyeing. Wool lace, leather and silkscreen printed and waxed ostrich leather dresses.
The dresses are close fotting on the loins, thus becoming subtly erotic.
The cuts are fragmented.
The body is sculpted with an interlaced design of geometric pieces. The waist of each skirt and trousers is delicately drawn on the body with my fingertips. Openwork, slits and cuts are an invitation to see the skins.
A multitude of bracelets on both arms all with the title of the collection engraved on them. Transparent resin claws go through high-heeled shoes, with a strap wrapped around the foot.

Casting by Giannie Couji and Philippe Elkoubi, soundtrack by Eric Pajot DJ Shadow’s rhythms, hair by Stéphane Lancien, make-up by Fred Farrugia, jewels by Agathe Saint Girons and Erik Halley, mail and metal gauze masks by Simon Azoulay, shoes by Karine Bonneval, graphic design on invitation cards by Javier Vallhonrat.

Creating a ‘Minérale’ range of cosmetic products for ‘Késalan patharan’ in Osaka.
The Réunion Island FRAC buys an ostrich leather dress.

Photos : Sophie Delaporte, DR, archives Fred Sathal.