Haute Couture Collection
Autumn/Winter  2000/2001

Presented in the Musée Galliera (Musée de la Mode la Ville de Paris) on Saturday, July 8th at 9 p.m.
I am a ‘guest member’ in the official calendar of the French Federation of Haute Couture; my show is between Christian Dior’s and Gianni Versace’s.

Updated Renaissance-like extravaganza, worn ‘front and back’.

The cashmere jersey bodysuits are very tight-fitting, embroidered with scales made of mother of pearl spangles and loose threads, like fur. Shirt-trousers ensembles in which I took great pleasure in composing mineral, vegetable and animal elements on denim, in blue, beige or red with stone, lace and diamond spangle embroideries.

The belts match and are part of the cloth of the model. Shirts of white poplin are decorated with ruffles and smocking with golden, beige, kaki and pink threads. Wrists handcuffed with cufflinks with ‘FS’ on them. The silhouettes are ended by small hats that can be worn inside out, made of straw, entirely embroidered and woven with sequins, ruffled threads and multi-coloured spangles.

Casting by Giannie Couji and Philippe Elkoubi, music by Emanuel Santaromana, hair by Jean-Claude Gallon for girls that look like Las Vegas show-girls, make-up by Topolino, diaphanous skins and outlined veins, hats by Fred Sathal, very soft kid shoes by Karine Bonneval.

Plastic work on photographs and Polaroïds by Fred Sathal.