Collection Couture 2015/2016

Fred Sathal continues her exploration of living things and cosmogony with her 2015-2016 collection, Arborescent. She explores the internal stratum of fabrics, the arborescence of her methods and savoir-faire. She deploys open-air, front and back, new ornamentations, knots, weavings, embroideries. The desire of a second skin methodically scarified and colored.

The « Arborescent » collection borrows its appearance from trees, anchored in soil, the head in the sky, drawing the paths of its ramifications so can hatch out clothes, jewels, hats and multiple creations.

This new series of unique pieces presents itself like a complete wardrobe, entirely shaped and hand-sewed by Fred Sathal and her team in her Parisian studio. Lace, jersey, muslin, lurex, taffeta, in natural and noble fibers (silk, wool, cashmere…) are transformed by technics of cuts, pleating, superimposition and natural pigments dyes applied with steam. The metamorphosed materials are then assembled with an embroidery stitch named « Scar ». This stitch is a link between materials and defines borders of visible seams, which are the expression field of ornamental embroideries typical to the Fred Sathal house. The « Shooting Star » stitch, the assembly of spangles in « Scales », knotting, weaving, application of sequins in volume and free threads on the fabrics express the imaginary conquest of matter, meticulous and patient (hundreds of hours).

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