Against Nature
Spring/Summer 1997

It is the first show presented in the readyto-wear official calendar of the Paris Fashion Week, on October 11th 1996 in the Carrousel du Louvre, salle Soufflot.

The collection is divided into three groups: the skinned alive, the screw-like bodies and the vital barks.

Clear cuts in asymmetrical, sophisticated, structured, intergalactic equilibriums. Cuts in the fabric emphasise certain parts of the body, letting the skin show under slashed and openwork material, thus creating scratch or star patterns delicately repaired with organza. The hair is coated with silver and copper paste. Radiant and slightly metallic skins. Silver to charcoal grey eyes.
Silver ribbons with spikes around the wrists and the neck.
Platform sabots shaped with a net of multiple lines of ‘scar stitches’.

Casting by Maïda, music by Warrio, hair by Barnabé, make-up by Alice Guendri, jewels by Agathe Saint Girons and Eric Halley, coats of mail by Simon Azoulay, sabots by Fred Sathal, graphic design and photograph on invitation cards by Barbee.

In the salle Wagram, I am awarded a second ‘future great designer’ Venus.

Photos : DR, Gauthier Gallet, Fred Sathal.